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Message From the Candidate

Hello, thank you so much for visiting my website. I am Rev. Dr. M. Luther Hill, candidate for the office of Bishop in this our A. M. E. Zion Church, where I served as pastor for over forty years. I have served in ministry with many of you and I am confident that you know my work and desire for Kingdom building. I believe that our church can be strengthened if we would implement my platform of R to the third power!!! Renew Zion’s Loyalty, Re-think Zion’s Logic, and Reference Zion’s Legacy.


As a ministry operating to the glory of God, it is essential that we "Renew Zion's Loyalty." There are some in our church who believe that we are all about the money. We must let them know and see that Zion's Loyalty is always to God. The carrying out of His word to make disciples is Zion’s first priority.


Secondly, we must “Re-think Zion's Logic.” We as Zionites can have confidence in our doctrine as well as our systematic approach to ministry. Many denominations have taken our systems, renamed them, and have been growing their congregations.


Finally, let's "Reference Zion's Legacy." Zion's Legacy is important in the future growth and development for the church.  When we take notice of Legacy, we cannot deny the moves of God. Zion's Legacy should continue to seek and to serve the least, the lost and the disenfranchised which has been one of the hallmarks of the A. M. E. Zion Church. I believe that it does not yet appear what the Lord has in store for those who love and trust him. 


I am Rev. Dr. M. Luther Hill,  a candidate for Bishop 2024. I am humbly asking for your prayers, your support,  and your vote in 2024. Thank you. God's richest blessings be unto you and yours.

Renew Zion’s Loyalty   Re-think Zion’s Logic   Reference Zion’s Legacy

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